Chad Anderson

As a child, I found I always wanted to help and heal those around me, which lead me to becoming an EMT and fireman. Unfortunately, I had a career-ending injury that forced me to go in a different direction for a quite a few years.  I never lost the drive to help others during this time, but did it in much different ways. 

I had been collecting crystals for quite a while, but felt I needed to do more with them, that they had a greater purpose.  I acquired my first lemurian crystal from Treasures n Creations in Salt Lake. I was walking though the store and it told me that it was mine and it had to go home with me. I didn’t care about the price.  When a crystal was yelling at me as loudly as this one, I had to buy it.  I did not have an immediate knowledge of how to use it, but this is definetely where my journey got a Kickstart.  That crystal fit perfectly in my hand, and when I held it, it was as if it became an extension of my hand.  I held it as you would a pencil, and felt as though I could write with it.

My wife had a broken ankle, and had 2 surgeries, and was still struggling to heal.  I still was struggling to figure out how to help her, and had tried rubbing it with some stones, with mediocre results.  I did not know what I was doing at that time, and had a reading at a local crystal store.  The lady that gave me the reading asked me what I was doing, and I said I was trying to do some healing work.  She looked at me, and said to stop trying and just do it. You have the ability and skills, “Just do it”.  

That night, I took my lemurian crystal and proceeded to work on her foot.  I visually watched as my hands, with the crystal, cut into my wife’s foot and removed two nerves in the foot that were being pinched by the bones.  I closed the wound and pushed healing white light into not only her foot, but into her as well…  I did all of this with out ever physically cutting my wife in any way. She made a fast and immediate recovery.  

It became clear to me that my early medical knowledge and training was now going to be of use to me to help guide me, and give me an understanding of what I am guided to do. I have learned from many teachers and trainings as to what I am doing and how to do it. I have successfully assisted several people with their ailments in their lives. I have worked on not only physical but emotional pain.  It has been a journey of love, and I am happy for this new way of life for me. This is a calling that I can not ignore .  I look forward to being able to assist other people, and help guide them.

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